Raw Free Range Chicken Medallions for Cats and Dogs

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    Six 100g Easy to Eat Medallions
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    Portion Controlled Convenience
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    Made with Free Range Chicken Mince

Now available in All Woolworths stores across Australia in the chilled pet fridge.

All about raw, natural and free range protein

The way nature intended…

Raw - instinctively preferred

Meat has always been a major part of the ancestral diet of dogs and cats. That’s why natural, raw meat is still an essential part of your pet’s diet, just as it would be in the wild.

The benefits of a RAW food diet include:

  • Shinier coats, skin and cleaner teeth.
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Weight control and improved diet.
  • Reduction in allergy symptoms.
  • Strengthened immune systems.

Packed with natural protein and calcium, Premi-Yum also contains the vital amino acids every animal needs. But it’s not only about nutrition; Premi-Yum is a yummy, fresh meat that has a pleasant aroma and is naturally low allergenic.

What free range means...

All Premi-Yum free range chickens and pigs are raised in country WA. We believe passionately that natural and WA fresh is always best, so we only use free range chicken and pigs which are:

  • Free to range in large open range areas.
  • Naturally reared with no added hormones or antibiotics.
  • Reared sustainably on chemical free pastures.
  • Have stress free conditions to attain superior taste and texture.
  • 100% West Australian meat from a WA family owned business.

Changing your pet’s diet

Transitioning your beloved four-legged friend to a RAW food diet has endless benefits, but please monitor your own pet closely when introducing a new diet.

Not only will your pet be accepting a new food source, you will likely be reducing the previous diet of processed canned or kibble foods and removing the additives that they contain from your pet’s diet.

To help maximise the positive impact of Premi-Yum we suggest the following tips when changing your pet’s diet:

  • Start new diet with 75% current food and 25% Premi-Yum.
  • Increase the Premi-Yum by another 25% in a few days or when you see your pet tolerating the change in diet. An approximate 50% Premi-Yum and 50% kibble diet is our recommendation once your pet has accepted the new food.
  • Some pets may take three days to transition and some may take three weeks.
  • Adding probiotics will also help sensitive pets transition more easily.
  • Monitor your pet’s stools. The change in diet may affect them. This will be transitory. Once their stools become solid, you will know your pet has accepted the new diet. To help maximise the positive impact of Premi-Yum we suggest the following tips when changing your pet’s diet.
  • Ensure your pet always has access to clean and fresh water.